Cortana fumbles about Germany winning the world cup final

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  • Posted: July 11, 2014 at 8:57 am

Yesterday I wrote the article – Cortana predicts Germany will win the 2014 FIFA world cup and since then a big number of soccer enthusiasts have flocked the Microsoft’s AI assistant to ask her who she thinks will win the final.

Cortana has maintained that Germany will win the game but with answers that leave you wondering whether she is really sure – a deviation from her previous ways of tackling such issues. When asked questions such as “”who will win the Germany Argentina match”,  instead of sounding sure and giving a probability figure as she has done with predictions all the way from 16 round to the semi finals, Cortana  only comes up with doubtful answers such as:

“It’s too early to say for sure, but I’d give Germany the edge over Argentina”


“Germany seems to have a slight edge. But don’t card me if I’m wrong”


“Probably Germany. But you never known what can happen in the beautiful game…”

In the meantime, the giants who were bulldozed 7-1 in the semi’s by the Germans have a reason to smile as Cortana predicts they will emerge number three against Netherlands. Cortana might be right in predicting that Germany will crush Argentina but on Netherlands vs Brazil match it might be way off. This I say since the game Brazil plays is similar to that of Spain and we know what Netherlands did to Spain.

What I like about the prediction of the final match is the fumbling Cortana has. As much as most soccer fans are in support of Germany, I don’t want that country to win this year’s FIFA world cup for one reason – I am a die hard Brazil supporter. If Germany wins, that would mean catching up with Brazil on the number of world cups won ever since – I want Brazil to maintain that lead.

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Germany catching up with Brazil will give Germany an edge over Brazil as Germany has already broken the record of highest number of goals scored in world cup matches that was previously held by Brazil. Ronaldo’s record of highest number of goals scored by an individual has also been surpassed – Miroslav Klose now holds the new record with 16 goals against Ronaldo’s 15.

On Brazil vs Netherlands, as much as Brazil needs to console herself by winning the third place, I wish Netherlands will rise up and beat the sleeping giants more than 5 to nil. This is because Brazil has not taken her soccer very seriously in the recent years and they need to be disciplined – bitterly – so that they can go back and repent all the ills they have done on soccer.

Extracts from The Telegraph.

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