Electronics Company Samsung has set out to grow its dominance in the electronics space with the release of its latest sound system in the country;Giga Sound MX-HS9000 system.

The sound system racks up 3400 Watts RMS (Root Mean Square), currently the world’s most powerful Mini System, which can match the decibel level of a helicopter.  The system has been designed for party lovers who can decide to move their party outdoors in the case of large turn-outs. The Gigasound System comes packaged with a 7 meter speaker cable.

Samsung have also given its customers variety by introducing two more models the MX-HS8000 and MX-HS7000 to provide a selection of premium.

To complement the nightclub atmosphere are two 15” subwoofers that churn out a deep and powerful sound. When the bass is turned up, the two subwoofers will literary shake the ground. The GIGA Beat, Samsung’s unique sound technology, amplifies sound without distortion and generates a rich bass. Speakers deliver heart-pounding sound with punch bass.

Customers will get a free Samsung Galaxy Star Plus, a 4inch display Smart phone while stocks last.

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