First, Constitution breach and now Unfit Technology? Equity’s MVNO on the hot seat.

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It was all merry and relief when Equity hinted on a new telco platform. Kenyan’s thought, finally someone has the balls to face off a long time dominant in the industry, Safaricom. The deal seemed to close looking forward to July when we would gladly welcome the new ‘baby’ and for many including I, would sit back and watch the roll out of different products, point out the most beneficial then go all in.

The wait could not get long before COFEK went up in arms claiming that the issuance of the licenses to the MVNOs wasn’t rightful owing to the fact that the public was denied a 30 day notice that should give room for public input and consultation terming it a breach of the constitution.

Who knew Safaricom wasn’t taking the great deal launch lying down? Yes, they now have a case against Finserve Equity Bank’s mobile banking subsidiary that has promised to dish out special SIM cards that are paper-thin and embedded with a chip meant to marry other SIMs so the subscriber doesn’t have to switch networks nor have a duo phone to accommodate the other giving Equity a great pass in the industry. I mean, the last thing I want to do now is change my network for other benefits and loose important contacts.

The technology has been opposed by Safaricom in a letter asking Communications Authority to stop implementation of the platform arguing that the service could expose subscribers to financial fraud with no guarantee of privacy of communication between the handset and SIM cards. We all thought this was finally a genius idea for us only having to place one SIM on top of the other and using the services simultaneously until the bubble got burst and actually got me thinking twice on the safety and convenience.

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Well, we can only wait to see what telecommunications watchdog, CA will do about it. Sure enough verdict will be due soon after the regulator is done researching and confirming that the technology is unfit. Till then.

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