Facebook acquires real-time bidding platform LiveRail.

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Leading publisher monetization platform for video, LiveRail has officially been acquired by Social Media giant Facebook to compliment it’s web video ad strategy that run automatically on the site when users encounter them in their news feeds.

Facebook’s online advertising is set for higher standards by employing the video ad company in its project in a bid to growing its advertising audience as well as advance its technology where they will be in a position to connect with sites and apps in the same.

LiveRail has worked with major organizations before in pairing video ads with the videos already having established offices in several countries. Although terms of the deal were not disclosed by both parties with sources pointing out about $400 million to $500 million.

Already having tangible audience across the world, the firm will help Facebook jumpstart its desire to be an ad powerhouse across the web and mobile, not just its own properties.

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