Communications Authority Extends its services across Counties amid new regulations.

Communications Authority of Kenya has now established offices in Kisumu and Nyeri counties in a bid to take services closer to Kenyans as well as have the public contribute to the betterment of the body. This comes after an announcement by the Director General Francis Wangusi to tighten regulations on operations by the telecommunications companies.

The regulator body plans on deepening mobile penetration and the sector’s contribution to the GDP to five percent. According to the Business Daily report, CA is seeking to expand mobile penetration from 75.8 per cent to 90 per cent by 2018.

The telecommunications industry regulator has announced establishment of regulations that will control dominance of telecom operators in their various market segments to curb abuse of dominance to protect consumers against predatory behaviors.

According to the Information and Communication (Amendment) Act 2013, the market threshold of the entire telecommunication market; courier services, postal services and broadcast was amended to 50 per cent of the relevant gross market segment in which companies with higher shares of the market will be monitored closely by the regulator.

In the new set of rules, Communications Authority will ensure that consumers enjoy the benefits of an expanded information technology sector. Competitors will also gain even grounds in the market.



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