New Satellite set to be launched in Africa.

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Satellite operator Yahsat has announced plans underway to extend Yahclick’s broadband internet to Africa. Extending Ka-band coverage across Africa will mean coverage in 17 more countries and 600 million users.

The project to be rolled out in 2016 will strengthen Yahsat’s position as the world’s eighth largest operator in terms of revenue and will affirm its position as a leader in innovative satellite solutions.   YahClick will support the social and economic development of the continent by connecting the masses. The Al Yah 3 will use advanced technology with a unique design that optimizes cost, capacity, coverage and flexibility to deliver affordable broadband to homes and business across Africa.

According to Chief Executive Officer, Masood Sharif Mahmood, the African market is ready for internet connectivity and his firm is confident to provide broadband services across this new frontier. The firm aims at expanding its footprint to new markets, enhancing existing ones as well as reinforcing its global presence in providing reliable, innovative and affordable satellite solutions.

“The opportunity for Yahsat to evolve in other markets is significant, with a potential customer base of several hundred thousand users on Al Yah 3, Africa and Brazil are attractive opportunities for our growing operation, and we look forward to entering this market soon,”

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