Business Daily readers to get e-paper version at no cost.

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Barely one year after Nation Media Group partnered Safaricom for an application to allow its readers access the Daily Nation through mobile devices, BusinessDaily has launched the e-paper available for smartphones and tablets.

Readers will be required to download the app on their devices to access the version. The move is set to increase reach and distribution for news and information which subscribers will get first hand and in the same breath add value to advertisers.

The business news platform has played a big role on the business sector giving first hand information to potential investors both local and foreign.  Quoting the business daily, Wilson Muirani, Digital Division brand manager, said “Enhancements will be carried out continuously on the app, with multimedia and live business events coverage capabilities to be released shortly.”

NMG has been on a mission to unveil more tech services to meet the dynamic needs of its audience locally and internationally.

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