Weza Tele Announces Plan To Provide Enterprise Applications to SMEs

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Weza Tele has announced a partnership with Odoo to provide enterprise applications to SMEs .  The partnership has enabled Weza Tele to integrate its mobility and supply chain visibility tool,  MyOrder Enterprise with Odoo application suite. Weza Tele aims to empower the small and medium businesses across Africa with mobility tools and services. While at it they will provide a wider variety of enterprise applications to ensure business growth and scalability.

According to past reports, an average of 85% of the small and medium businesses across East Africa have no visibility of their end to end business processes. They rely on manual and traditional processes to track their orders, sales, payments, stock, customers and operations. Weza Tele is working to change this by providing relevant enterprise applications to SMEs in the East African market.

Myorder Enterprise integrated with Odoo

Small and medium businesses can now have a very simple and affordable ERP that integrates seamlessly with cross platform mobility tools including mobile payments such as M-Pesa, Android sales tools among others.

Enterprise Features

Some of the key applications that come with Odoo integrated with MyOrder Enterprise include but not limited to;

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, and grow revenues.
  •  Point of Sale (POS): Touchscreen point of sale based on iPad or Android tablets.
  • Billing: Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, and get paid faster.
  • Accounting: Integrate bookkeeping with all your operations to avoid double entry.
  • Business intelligence: Design your dashboards, setup KPIS, slice and dice on your cubes.
  • Mobile payments integration: With M-Pesa among other mobile payments.
  • Credit control: manage your customers and distributors credit limits and balances
  • SMS campaign solution: For mass marketing to your customers and prospects.
  • Mobile ordering: A simple mobile ordering tool that works across multiple platforms be it SMS, USSD, mobile web, Android.
  • Warehouse management: A revolutionary double-entry inventory management system.
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 And many more applications as described herehttp://odoo.co.ke/

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