Healthy Living the OLX Way

Are you a tidy person? I tidy well organized person is first seen by his desktop. Those who are neat and tidy prefer to organize their files in folders whereas the carefree untidy and sadly unhealthy ones, mostly tech geeks, have all their documents saved in the desktop by default, without ever bothering to clean them up, not even after the documents have “expired”.

Every time I borrow a comp from some of these unhealthy friends I get tempted to delete all those disorganized files saved on the desktop – I once did…then I learnt my lesson. The other thing I learnt is that this untidy friend extended his untidiness to his house – I believe if his living room was so unkept, so was his kitchen and bedroom and probably closet.

Then this is buddy of mine who likes buying stuff. The first time I visited him his single room was spacious you could have a dance floor. Then he bought a big bed, then a 5 seater sofa, then a table, then a big TV stand – then he bought another table and a two seater sofa – a bigger TV, a Hi-Fi system then later bought a home theater system. I visited him last week and I couldn’t even manage to squeeze my stick of a figure in his house.

These two friends have something in common; they have way too many things they don’t need. The implication of these is that most of the not-needed items do not have proper places of keeping them or even if they have, the time they would consume to arrange them is enormous so they choose to leave the house unkept with serious and adverse consequences on health.

Clutter, as items not well organized are called, are known to have serious impacts on a person’s life and health. The piling of utensils on the dining table, of books and files and magazines on a desktop,  of clothes on the bed and bedroom floor – at times on the sofa, of dirty utensils in the kitchen sink, etc, have direct and immediate negate impact on the physical strength. The site of the clutter foremost causes the body to get tired, lazy, and unwilling to do anything meaningful. The consequence of this is that more clutter will pile up – but what if you didn’t have the items to pile up in the first place?

My kitchen could pile up with unwashed dishes for days, then I came up with a solution. I selected two cups, three sufurias, two plates, two spoons and two etcs and declared them the only utensils I have. The rest were kept out of reach and their use would call for a lengthy court session. Since then, my kitchen has remained tidy and neat as whenever the few authorized utensils have been used up, the only way to re-use them it to clean them up first.

Then I asked myself, do I really need all those other plates and sufurias and spoons? What do you think, do I need them?

You may be tempted to ask me but I would challenge you to ask yourself the same question. Most of us have so many household items that are not needed. One of my sisters has so many shoes that she never wears, for instance. I asked her one day to at least give out some of the shoes through a church or something but she wouldn’t have none of it – “Okay then, maybe you can sell some” I said. “Selling is better”, she answered.

You too might have all these items that are working down your health and strength but like my sister, you don’t have any economic justification to give them out for free. Why don’t you sell them?

By now you should tell me that selling second hand items is hard thanks to smartphones with Internet and OLX. From now henceforth, why don’t you try a healthy living the OLX way?

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