How Liquid Telkom’s “Internet ring” will impact East Africa.

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South-Africa based firm Liquid Telkom has established a $20 million internet ring stretching over 17,000 km across Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi. The move means a lot to internet users as well as website owners who have been hosting overseas.

East Africans can now look forward to more reliable internet with fewer breakdowns with the new fibre optic  cable automatically re-routing internet traffic in case of cable break downs. Being the largest single fibre network and first of its kind in Africa, businesses across the East African community will receive continuity of internet connectivity and much more reliable service.

Instant re-routing around the ring will give consistent high speeds, cost effective data service and continuous up-time for internet users ensuring more reliability and security of data connectivity. The move is a huge step towards building Africa’s digital future.

Slow internet connections will now be a thing of the past since internet can now be routed locally to avoid frequent outages and shaky security experienced while importing the same. The award winning data provider company will ensure efficient online trade within the East African community and globally.

The 21st century broadband network is definitely something to look forward to for many firms in the region now having a better platform to boost business, communication as well as connections across boarders.

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