Kenya National Archives to go Digital.

The Kenya National Archives, a museum and art gallery will soon have its 40,000 unique documents digitalized to allow for virtual access by the public, all in a bid to celebrate Kenya @50 which is all about reflecting on the past.

The adoption of this technology will help researchers and history enthusiasts relieve Kenya’s epic history and generate extensive global interest in the country’s rich heritage.

Speaking at the digital lighting ceremony, Principal secretary in the ministry of Sports, Culture and the arts Patrick Omutia said, “We want to use this platform to show the world the path Kenya has taken to where it is now. The National Archives has a unique collection of documents that chart the history of this great country. By digitizing this documents, people from all over the world will be able to access the content at any given time,”

Technology company Philips is behind illuminating the building using the digital LED technology that creates more light, while making it more focused and controlled. The state of the art lighting system will allow the Kenya National Archives to minimize light spill and directs light exactly to where it is needed. Design consultation, management of the installation with local contractors, programming, commissioning and overall project management are some of the LED lighting aspects to be provided by Philip company.

The lighting can be easily automated in real-time to create unique light shows with varied effects, adjustable to the occasion and time of the day. The system will also simplify the maintenance schedule as the innovative LED lights have an extended lifetime of up to 100,000 hours compared to only 20,000 hours with conventional lighting solutions.




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