GeoPoll Unveils First Ever Overnight TV Ratings In African Markets

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World’s largest real-time mobile survey platform GeoPoll has rolled out first ever Audience Measurement Service that will give daily TV ratings in several African markets. This service comes just in time for the FIFA World Cup, when GeoPoll will publish game viewership data from African nations as locals cheer on their teams, and global brands spend considerably on advertising.

Reaching network of more than 150 million users in 20 countries worldwide, its new service fills a crucial market research in Africa delivering next-day TV audience data starting in 5 countries including Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria in which it will expand to other countries in the coming months. Until now, advertisers, brands and broadcasters looking to understand audiences in these growing markets have had to rely on months-old data, with little insight into the demographics and psychographics that determine ad campaigns or programming.

GeoPoll’s metrics provide unprecedented access to this type of viewership data, and represent ratings from more than 300 million Africans. With this launch, GeoPoll becomes the largest TV audience measurement company in Africa.

Leapfrogging more traditional ratings methodologies, which can be slow, limited and costly, the platform taps its extensive mobile user network to deliver mobile surveys that measure television viewership in half-hour time blocks, uncovering unprecedented data that can inform better advertising and programming decisions.

“At GeoPoll, we’ve established a standard for delivering data insights in emerging economies, and with our new Audience Measurement Service, we’re offering a category first: overnight TV ratings from almost a third of the African population,” said James Eberhard, founder of GeoPoll and parent company Mobile Accord.

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