Kenya sees the birth of its first oil and gas dedicated website.,  a newly launched website set to give Kenyans insight in the oil and gas industry will henceforth give Explorers, investors and stakeholders in the sector a platform to provide information on the new industry.

Following increased interest from investors in the oil and gas sectors with a number of discoveries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique that has seen the East African region now named the new oil frontier, Kamau Mbote founder of  saw it fit to give exposure to the latter as well as provide Kenyans more information on the sector.

“When we started the website it was more of the desire to specialize in a new area of news that did not have a single journalist focusing on. Two weeks into writing, there was a discovery by Tullow Oil that saw the audience increase ten-fold as interested Kenyans and players in this field sought a credible news source,” says Mbote.

Being a veteran in the journalism industry with past experiences on business and technology writing, he reckons that despite the potential and the interest in the region there still lacks a platform from where interested parties can get credible news.

Within weeks of establishment, the company has seen interest on its social media platforms as well as attracted numerous partnership deals by conference and exhibition organizers most recently being the three day Eastern Africa Oil, Gas, LNG and energy conference in Nairobi where the startup was the only media partner from the region.

“If you ask people on the street they will tell you of the great hopes they have from the energy sector in the coming years. If you probe them as to how much worth of resources the country has you will realize just how much little information is out there. Without information there can’t be proper accountability by the government to its people and an equitable trickle down of revenues to the population. We hope we can play a role in empowering people by educating them.” He concludes.




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