KCB set to roll out ICT systems for service upgrade.

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KCB Group plans on rolling out a new ICT system; T24 set to reduce operational costs as well as accommodate customers more with better services.

At a cost of sh2.2 billion, the system is set to intergrate systems that include agency banking systems and those that run its mobile banking service for efficiency and effectiveness. With more possibilities of increased convergence between telecoms now, The Kenya Commercial Bank plans on putting more emphasis on mobile phone services.

The financial institution rolled out T24 system late last year in 236 branches across 5 countries having subsidiaries in four countries converted over a six 6 months period. The transition from the legacy system can be attributed to the symbolic relationship that exists between Jethro and Temenos demonstrating partnership for the good of the clients.

The systems will come with software and hardware that will make the makeover a success to the team and clients as well.

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