Mobile Money Big fish M-Pesa new target in the industry.

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Leading mobile operator Safaricom gave Kenya an outfit to forever thank them for— M-Pesa. 2007 saw the birth of the now popular transaction platform. Since then, life has never been the same again for Safaricom subscribers.

The mobile industry has since seen the birth of many other similar products that have either been outdone by the big fish and fallen in the option category or those that have seen their death trying to compete M-Pesa.

Just like a coackroach hard to die, telcos have since not given up on the battle. This time round its for real. Equity’s partnership with mobile company Airtel seems a huge deal in the industry. The deals given by the MVNO to roll out in July is just what subscribers needed for a change.

Now, MOBIKASH has rolled out Lipa sasa Na MobiKash to beat Lipa na M-Pesa.The platform launched by MobiKash Afrika will be available across all networks in a bid to make cashless transactions a reality for all Kenyans in all the 47 counties countrywide having the transactions delivered in real time. The system will cater for genuineness to reduce risks of handling fake currency and theft as well as enhance efficiency in records management.

Subscribers will access the service by dialing *365# and following instructions on the pay Now option.

Telecommunications companies will not take the continued dominance lying down, everyday comes with new births of same kind of platforms to counter “Mr Big Fish”.

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