Kenyans to access favourite channels on their phones via VOOKA online.

Telecommunications solution provider, Rapid Communications Ltd, has launched vooka online that will stream live startimes TV channels along with other TV content from bollywood and Usalama watch TV via mobile smart phones.

This is in partnership with StarTimesTV and other content providers to fulfill the great demand by users for new and fresh content on their smart phones. “In the wake of the current cognitively complex work environment coupled with competitive pressures and technological breakthroughs, the current smart phone user desires some leisure breaks. What better way to relax than access entertainment from the gadget at hand – the mobile” said CEO Mr. Anwar Majid Hussein.

The mobile TV will stream live videos in order to fulfill the entertainment need as well as provide fresh content. This will be yet another convenient medium for Kenyans to expand their viewing options without having to pay monthly subscription.

To access the service, users will be required to have a smartphone that can access 3G internet and go to To connect to the startimes channels, users will be required to send an SMS to 22832 with the word ‘startimes’ then select various startimes channels. Streaming will cost Ksh.10 per day for all startimes channels and Ksh.5 per day for streaming one channel.


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