The media mislead subscribers on ASC ruling says Orange.

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Remember the “Do you know” advert that showed how expensive it is to call from Safaricom to other networks unlike the use of Orange SIMs on the same?

This felt like “The secret is out” classifieds that got people talking and more so the media that really emphasized on how cheeky the advertisement was. It was not long before Safaricom sued Orange for putting up the advert using their corporate colours clearly telling Kenyans ‘the other’ network is them.

We see comparative advertisements all day but this one went way to close having to use their corporate colours and actually put the exact airtime given by both telcos a minute either  on-net or off-net. The verdict that followed could be obvious, the telecommunications company was asked to withdraw the piece of advert from all media channels it ran on. At least that’s what every media house ran with.

Orange has come out clear to say that a section of the Media reports on the issue has led to an inaccurate impression of the overall ruling. According to the code of Advertising Standards Practice and Direct Marketing (2003) and Complaints Dispute Resolution Guide, the campaign by Orange Telkom Kenya had an option to withdraw from the media, or rather edit the content in a manner that concentrates on peak-time comparison as opposed to a general one and this will have to include an arterisk in small text to qualify the same.

Now you have it. The advert is not gone yet, only change will be the inclusion of an aterisk with words ‘peak rates apply’. This shows adherence from the company to recommendations by the ASC and as a business; the latter is more suitable for both parties.

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The media has been blamed for not giving complete reports on the full import of the ruling which is okay. Standards are good to have and practice, written law is a must adhere to… but to a common mwananchi who does not give a hoot on the tiny tiny details that come with advertisements, does that really change a thing? Food for thought. Why for one it doesn’t



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