Mobile operator Orange has today launched Biashara Talk a wireless fixed voice post-paid service targeting small office Home office customers and small business allowing them to enjoy high voice quality.

Potential users will be expected to acquire a new landline number or get to re-activate their old business landline as well as migrate their active landline to wireless network while maintaining their existing phone number. This will be based on a single number, meaning one ‘SIM per offer’ and businesses can choose to purchase as many numbers as required.

“As part of our greater network transformation programme, our key objective is to support the growth of the entire market chain: SMEs, large corporate as well as public sector organizations to cope with their dynamic ICT needs.” said CEO, Mickael Ghossein.

Biashara Talk will subscribe to monthly bundles ranging from ksh1,000 to ksh10,000, all with 30 day validity periods. Customers will enjoy calling rates for as low as ksh2 within the network and ksh3 outside the network. SMS rates will go as low as 50 cents both within and outside the network and data services for as low as ksh3 per MB.

Subscribers can make payments through e-bill portal, through Orange Money or via a bank transfer.

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