Safaricom’s post-paid service will be no more.

Post-paid services as provided by Safaricom have been on the spotlight receiving different opinions and reactions from subscribers as well as ex-subscribers. The firm has however been clear with its terms and conditions until a customer care agent misleads you.

Fail of systems to register payment, bad timing in registration without proper advice from the telcos personel, lack of timely termination upon subscribers request having to pay extra bills as a consumer are just some of the predicaments post-paid subscribers have experienced.

The same doesn’t go well with Safaricom as well, the services have failed to make money for the company despite making a 30 per cent increase in subscribers in the last three months. Karibu post-paid service which has remained financially unsustainable since its introduction in 2011 is one of them. With this the telco is set to terminate the services.

Subscribers to the two tariffs currently pay a minimum of Sh1,000 and Sh2,500 per month plus additional charges for usage of talk time, data or SMSes outside the allowed bundles.

Having written a letter to Communications Authority of Kenya it is evident this service will be called off soon. As soon as the regulator approves, post-paid services will be bygone to most subscribers but incase individuals wish to continue with the same, they will have an option of remaining on the tariff under revised terms which are most likely higher prices.

This has definitely got subscribers talking and it feels like Safaricom just got bad again…I have read this somewhere “Safaricom is like a husband who constantly beats you up but you can’t go back home because you have 3 kids, no job two sisters with 4 kids living in your mama’s house. He doesn’t beat you every day though… he will buy you nice clothes and perfume at times (mpesa, call offers, airtime bonuses).” I thought that was funny but think about it, it ceases to be.

Corporate and individuals on the service will however be informed in good time on the cancellation hopefully work out ways to refund if necessary and off to pre-paid services once again.

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