LG rolls out premium smart appliances that “chat”.

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LG Electronics has launched smart appliances with revolutionary HomeChat which include camera equipped refrigerator, a washing machine that allow homeowners communicate, control, monitor and share content.

The devices also have features enabling download of machine procedures and NFC and WiFi support for convenient control from any location which will allow users to receive recommendations and control settings away from home. This comes with consumer choices; Vacation, Away and Return home bringing an element of fun to appliances offering a selection of over 40 unique LINE stickers to add an enjoyable, personal component to conversations.

LG has termed the new products as user friendly compared to a majority of them in the market therefore adding more value to our customers’ lives.

LG smart Refrigerator; has an internal refrigerator camera positioned at the top of the main component, users can monitor exactly what’s inside their refrigerator on their smartphones or tablets. The smart manager can also recommend meal options based on the ingredients stored in the refrigerator.

LG Smart Washing machine; consumers can remotely control and monitor their LG smart washing machine from outside the home. By texting start washing cycle the machine will ensure that the laundry is completed by the time they get home, by texting what are you doing? Users can receive real time updates on the washer’s progress.

LG Smart Lightwave Oven; Home owners can converse with their smart LG oven to recommend recipes for specific dishes. Select Return-home and the oven will ask, what dish would you like to make today? And open the recipe window. When ready to cook, the oven will set the oven’s temperature and cooking time for the particular dish.

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