Bardo Group Launches Risk control software for online payment services.

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Bardo Group, a new entrant in the online payment arena dedicated to make e-commerce industry in Kenya more efficient and convenient has launched in the country.

Kenya was chosen among East African countries since it was the first to offer e-commerce acquiring bank that has the best services offered. With over 19 million local users, the country has registered a rapid growth in the industry as the middle class who have greater access to debit and credit cards as well as higher purchasing power and are looking for convenience in their day to day operations.

To curb issues facing the growth of internet payment services; cost, technological complexity, control and lack of education, Bardo Group has developed a Risk Control Software for the African market which promises the highest level of security for internet payment users due to its back office support which provides reporting and online tracking eliminating possibility of unsafe transactions.

Most people do not understand the process online payment takes therefore regarding it with a lot of suspicion. All companies conducting such a service have been asked to adapt regulatory controls and acquire PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) the highest security standard in the world developed by the world’s largest credit and debit card providers including VISA and MasterCard.


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