MTN Sues Two Companies For Fibre Cuts.

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MTN Ghana has instructed legal action against two companies for causing damage to fibre cables on the Sakaman-Kasoa road while the second company, Zuleah Esifu was sued after excavators being used by the company for clearing land for construction.

Hisense Son Electronicn Ltd and Zuleah Esifu are the firms held responsible for the cuts that compromised service quality for MTN customers and the company vowed to step up its efforts to curtail the manace which was on the rise.

The company claims to have spent heavily in fibre optic technology in order to increase capacity and speed as well as ensure a distinct experience for MTN customers using voice or data services which meant having the deed done undermined the company’s efforts.

“We have been educating the public against these acts for several years now, however every year the number of fibre cuts continues to grow,” said Mrs Lumor.

MTN has hence been forced to add protection and divert some of its fibre routes to limit the inconvenience to MTN customers.

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