Posta to install ksh260 million ERP system

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.In a bid to automate front and back office functions, Posta has partnered TechnoBrain and Reason solution Consortium to implement an enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System at a cost of US$3 million (ksh260 million).

The move will ramp up efficiency in end to end business operations that will lead to generation of higher revenues and reduced cost of business processes. The company finds need to realign the corporation’’s operations and strengthen its profit centres through improving ICT infrastructure and prioritizing ICT in budgeting, if posta is to realize its revenue targets of 20 billion in three years.

“We want to gradually ratchet up our revenues from ksh 3.57 billion (2012/2013) to ksh 4.5 billion (2013/2014): from ksh 4.5 billion to ksh6.5 billion (2014/2015) and from ksh6.5 billion to ksh9 billion (2015/2016) in years one, two and three respectively to hit a cumulative target of ksh20 billion in three years,” said Dr. Kinara.

The project follows an investment made in 2013 worth US$1 million to enable transact several operations electronically such as agency banking, mobile money transfers, e-commerce and e-payment of utility bills among others.

The ERP system is part of re-engineering of Posta operations to compete in dynamic business ecosystem where disruptive technologies are consistently necessitating continued business innovation this will enable the corporation improve its effectiveness and efficiency in all processes of business operations and hence reduce wastage without any loss of jobs for the current workforce.

Departments considered a priority are finance, accounts, human resource, procurement and retain chain processes.


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