Facebook Messenger for Asha, Lumia and Nokia X.

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Nokia X, Nokia Lumia and Asha devices have a new update; private chat room, Facebook Messenger for users to enjoy pure conversation with friends on social media.

This will do away with likes, shares and personal feeds with users not installing the full Facebook app beforehand, which will be an advantage to people running low on memory on their smartphone. Just like WhatsApp users can see who is online, create group chats and send photos and stickers from within the standlone app.

Operative Products and Device Manager King,ori Gitahi said “With many of us using Facebook’s messages feature more than email for private chatting, we welcome the cross-platform support. We are also glad that users will get the opportunity to enjoy this development across all our Nokia mobile platforms.”

Pop up notifications are also available for users on the start screen with the app automatically adding facebook friends to your People Hub. Among exciting features in the app is the sharing of location and one can switch straight to a friends’ timeline if desired.

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