GOtv unveils electronic device GOcard in Nairobi.

Gotv in partnership with Neotion has announced the launch of the CAM (conditional Access Module) or GOcard as it will be called an electronic device that slots into a compatible integrated digital television that is equipped with the appropriate hardware facility to view GOtv.

The revolutionary product will enhance great viewing for the pay Tv subscribers with exciting channels offered on the GOtv service. The GOcard is a mini decorder but instead of being a separately powered device, it slots directly into CI+ enabled digital television and functions as a single unit. The first of its kind in Sub Saharan Africa, the device will be available from Tuesday 15 April 2014.

“Our philosophy is to remain innovative in order to continue to deliver the best possible digital television to Kenyans and to keep them at the cutting edge of the move to digital television. GOtv delivers a selection of the best and exciting international channels as well as great African content in crystal clear picture and sound quality, making it the home of great entertainment.” said Felix Kyengo, General Manager, GOtv Kenya.

The new device is compatible with compliant DT2 integrated digital TVs, is easy to install by slotting into the TV and therefore requires no additional cabling or remotes. However to optimize reception of the GOtv service, it is recommended that an external UHF GOtenna is used.

Not only will subscribers enjoy great entertainment, but will also have it as the best way to join digital revolution, it is already digital therefore when Kenya migrates from analogue to digital transmission, current GOtv subscribers won’t be affected by the transition and will need to buy a new TV or decoder. “This is a perfect solution for anyone looking to buy a new TV and at the same time looking to subscribe to GOtv for great family entertainment,” added Kyengo.

The company aims at supporting digital migration at the economic level and meet the high security requirements regarding content protection. Unlike the set top box, the card will use the menu and channel navigation of the television hence giving subscribers a totally different experience to what they have had in the past.

The device will retail for the special price of shs3499 in it two months GOtv subscription and an external UHF GOtenna.

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