Samsung Galaxy S5 offers in Kenya

The official price for Samsung Galaxy S5 in Kenya is Kshs 70,000. Safaricom, Airtel, Jumia, and others are already offering pre-orders so let us see what offers each retailer has on the Samsung’s flagship device for 2014.

If you want to buy the Samsung handset without the accompanying Samsung Galaxy Gear II, you may choose to place your order at the Jumia online shop. The pre-order prices for Samsung Galaxy S5 at Jumia stand at Kshs 69,999. There are four colours (blue, gold, white and black) to choose from.

You may want to save some cash though. To do this, Airtel Kenya is running a promotion for its Airtel Money services where pre-orders can be paid for via Airtel Money and one saves Kshs 5,000. This way, you will only spend Kshs 64,999 on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Jumia seems not to have the options to either offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 together with the Gear II or offer the Gear II separately but Airtel wants you to add Kshs 20,000 on the Gear. This would suggest that one would pay Kshs 90,000 if you were to buy the Galaxy S5 from Jumia then buy the Gear II separately. But if the pre-order is made at Airtel Kenya and payment made via Airtel Money, Airtel still offers the discount of Kshs 5,000 hence you will be required to part with Kshs 84,999 only.

Then there is another gadget that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S5 called Samsung Gear Fit. This is a wrist band that has an AMOLED display and is useful for health tracking. The Gear Fit also displays time, date, and weather and as such can be considered a mini-smartwatch. The US prices of these wearables (The Samsung Galaxy Gear II, Gear II Neo, and Gear Fit) are $300, $200 and $200 respectively. I believe then, the Samsung Galaxy Gear being offered by Airtel is the Gear II Neo.

Do you want your Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with Samsung Galaxy Gear II (Neo or otherwise) or you want it with Samsung Gear Fit? If Gear Fit is your desire then Safaricom has the best deal in town. Safaricom has the offer where you will add only Kshs 5,000 to the official price of Samsung Galaxy S5 and get the Gear Fit free of charge. Is this a great deal? Maybe but probably you would like to know how useful is the Gear Fit compared to lets say Samsung Galaxy Gear II or Gear Neo. The review of the Gear Fit will come up shortly.

So, from all the offers out there, what should you go for?

I personally do not think that the wearable techs have any real value-adds so I would recommend for anyone to opt for the device without investing on any additional gadgets. In this case, Airtel’s offer seems to be the best. Use Airtel Money to get the Samsung Galaxy S5 at only Kshs 65,000 or add Kshs 10,000 and get the Gear Fit “free of charge” from Safaricom. I don’t know why anyone would want to spend an extra Kshs 5,000 to order the phone from Jumia.

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