Apple and Samsung have once again embarked their patent face off today at federal court in the heart of Silicon Valley now having both companies accuse each other of ‘feature copying’.

The patent battle previously saw Samsung loose the case in 2012 having to pay $930 million damages to Apple. The complainant accuses Samsung of systematically copying distinctive features such as “slide to unlock” from its devices as well as tap-from-search technology. Samsung however made it clear that it was the pioneer of the feature and Apple was doing the copying.

Google has also been caught up in the “tag of war” due to its Android operating system on the devices manufactured by the multi-national corporation. In a worst case scenario, if Samsung lost this one, Google would have to make changes to the Android features forcing Samsung to modify phone software that depend heavily on the operating system.

Apple wants Samsung to be forced to pay a$40 royalty on every device it deems to be copying its software and has made claims on over five features found within its iOS software.

Samsung on the other hand claims it has been a pioneer in the mobile device business sector since the inception of the mobile device industry.

The technology giant has hit back on Apple saying it has copied many of Samsung’s innovations in its Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad products; receiving data using low bandwidth connections, how media-pictures and video are organized on a device are some of the claims Samsung has against Apple in the case.

The case is over smartphone and tablet patents which will be more of 2012 and pre-2012 products and is all about disputes over features in software rather than the hardware of the devices.

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