protect your phone from scratches as well as bullet with the new “Holy Grail”

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Sir Lancelot’s Armor has today unveiled “The Holy Grail” a first line of reusable screen protectors made of tempered bulletproof glass. The screen protectors rank #9 on Mohs scale of hardness with only a diamond ranking higher.

The Holy Grail is the only screen in the market that is 100% bubble-proof, remarkably easy to apply, and reusable only currently available for Apple (iPhone, iPads and Minis) plus top LG and Samsung smartphones. Users will have their phones protected from scratches, substantial impact and scratch related attacks such as drops and keys.

“The Holy Grail was created to help people protect their investments. When we demonstrate the technology, we use hammers, drill, razors, keys, knives, saws- anything we can think of to scratch or crack the screens of a variety of mobile devices,” said Jon Cyr, CEO of Sir Lancelot’s Armor.

The protectors are available for purchase on Amazon or direct at The product also comes with a lifetime warranty. Pricing ranges from$30.99 to $54.99 depending on the phone or tablet model.

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