How communication apps will impact the telecoms industry.

A lot of talk about the content and services that runs on broadband infrastructure has been going round tabloids and different communication platforms especially after the Facebook-WhatsApp merge.

The deal was a reminder of gradual displacement of telcos from the content market though there is a lot of emphasis on service development aimed at propping up telco’s top lines. The strength of Over The Top players in messaging and now voice challenges not only operators’ revenues but also their role of messaging and VoIP ecosystems.

Operators have been given a run for their money and it would only be wise to either partner with OTT players to create more valuable, monetizable products for their customers, or they must be quick to launch their own services that leverage operator strengths such as billing, customer information, and the customer relationship to offer product bundles that help to increase loyalty and reduce chum.

Ovum provides clients with independent and objective analysis that enables them to make better business and technology decisions. Big data was a key theme but telcos were confident about balancing its use for new revenue opportunities. The monetized customer’s data by operators has however turned out a fail since to have it as that the telcos need to earn the customers ‘Big Trust’.


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