Nokia targets app developers with imaging SDK.

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Giant mobile company Nokia, has introduced the latest version of Nokia Imaging Software Development Kit (SDK) that will run from devices to tablets as well as desktop PCs with the same code.

The roll out is set to benefit Kenyan developers to enable them to create imaging- based apps, they will have the power to access a powerful library of exciting image manipulation tools that will provide a lee way in generating imaging apps for Windows Phone8 and Windows 8.1 devices.

Since the SDK launch in July last year, Nokia has developed more than 1,500 apps that have employed the technology. With the new update launched, developers will be able to embed features usually reserved for ‘higher-end’ Lumia devices which mean zooming and rotating will be much more fluid fashion on the devices such as Lumia 520. It also means more photographic potential for Lumia owners.

With the recent roll out of new range droid phones, Nokia is determined to hit both ends in the market to serve a wide range of consumers.

The library’s functions don’t put a strain on the user’s device which makes editing high resolution images swift and engaging according to Nokia’s developer relations lead in East Africa, Moses Sitati. He also urged the Kenyan developer community to take advantage of the new imaging software development kit to bring local consumers truly world-class imaging experiences.

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