Ministry of transport site hacked amid PSV strike.

Government offices have had a history of hacking cases, the first sound of that seems ridiculous until you give it a second thought and realize how bad a picture that is in this time and age. Not forgetting in the reign of a ‘digitalized’ government.

Prominent individuals in the past have been involved in scandals involving sites they manage and the obvious excuse has always been “someone hacked into my account”. The Kenya police service once got itself in the situation by individuals out of our state that caused a lot of panic not only to Kenyans but to defense heads who were caught barefoot.

Either the different personnel in charge of the sites do not take precaution enough, or the government sectors do not care to know what is fed to the sites or rather what’s important in them and how well it is secured. Universities have also fallen victim thanks to the ICT classes that later develop individuals to master hackers.

Ministry of transport website has been hacked by a Turkish muslim group dubbed Ayyildiz Tim which accuses the government of not respecting Islam. “All muslims are together. We will visit your areas too” read a statement posted by the ministry’s website.

This is timely to today’s public service vehicle strike that went down earlier in the day. The cyber war will be unleashed to all countries which do not respect the Islam according to the group.

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