WhatsApp add’s voice calls just after Facebook’s acquisition.

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  • 7 years ago
  • Posted: February 27, 2014 at 12:58 am

The world has been on the lookout for changes since WhatsApp was officially announced part of Facebook mid last week. The Mobile service messaging app has hinted on voice call addition to its services starting second quarter of 2014.

Co-founder Jan Koum emphasized on how mission driven they are that people should be able to stay in touch anywhere and affordably on a goal to be on every mobile phone in the world. He went ahead to say that WhatsApp should be seen as a partner to telcom operators and not a competitor. “We are working with carriers in established markets to bring value to end users.” Said Koum

The Facebook acquisition is not to alter WhatsApps roadmap for developing and reaching the next one billion users without adverts at large. Mark Zuckerberg believes WhatsApp is a good fit for Facebook.

“WhatsApp is on path of connecting more than a billion people and there are very few services in the work that can reach that level, when we had the opportunity to be part of helping that dream of connecting a lot more people.” Zuckerberg said

WhatsApp vision will definitely achieve the goal of connecting more people on internet.org. Advertisements will however not be placed on the App at least according to Zukerberg who said they will be left for Facebook only.

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