Intel launches the 64-bit Intel Atom.

Computing and communications company, Intel has announced the launch of the 64-bit Intel Atom processor under the LTE advanced communication platform in conjunction with Asus, Lenovo and Foxconn.

The three gadget companies will develop mobile devices that run on intel chips targeting smartphones and tablets with a combination of fast , smart performance and long battery life for the gadgets. “The continued growth of the mobile ecosystem depends on solving tough computing challenges unlocking data’s potential while securely and reliably connecting billions of devices with ,leading edge computing and communications technologies,” Renee James, Intel Corporation president.

The chip is 64-bit, which allow runs at 2.13GHz thereby allowing for faster processing. Based on the Intel’s 22 nanometer, the chip is the first according to Intel that features new “Intel Integrated Sensor Solution” intel will also roll out its next-generation 64-bit processor codenamed Moorefield, carrying Merrifield by adding two additional cores for up 2.3 GHz of computing performance.

The giant company has also hinted on a mobile security app for android named MacAfee compromising of a web filter, app protection antivirus, anti theft features, data backup and call/SMS features.

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