Samsung launches galaxy companion gear 2.

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Samsung has finally shown off Gear 2, its the second release of the company’s smart watch that has mass appeal with customers.

Gear 2 will hit the market alongside the lighter gear 2 Neo. The watches run on Tizen OS,fledgling mobile operating system, rather than Google’s Android software which is definitely part of a wider strategy from Samsung to move away from Google’s platform to lessen its reliance on Google.

Samsung also launched the latest iteration of its flagship smartphone range, presumably the Galaxy S5. The two companion devices to galaxy smartphones will have enhancements to turn things around from last year’s reception by both critics and consumers.

With In- built heart rate sensor, a pedometer and various tools to measure exercise, sleep and stress levels the devices will have better battery life approximately two to three days of power and is now less bulky.

This is in a bid to bring “freedom and style” bringing in design expertise though the device still looks so much like a technology product than a fashion accessory.

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