Quick Stats : Mobile and Social Media Users in Kenya

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  • Facebook Users in Kenya- over 3,600,000
  • The number of  mobile subscribers – 31.3 million
  • Pre-paid subscribers -30.8 million
  • Post-paid subscribers- 455,983
  •  The number of SMS -5.2 billion (three months average)-Each subscriber sends an average of 54 SMS per month.
  •  Mobile money Subscribers- 25.1 million
  • The Internet/data subscribers- 11.6 million
  • Number of internet users -19.1 million (estimated)
  • International Internet bandwidth- Available bandwidth 862,834Mbps while used capacity 360,900Mbps (three months)…using 41% of the available bandwidth
  • The number of registered domain names -29,732
  • Google plus users -54847
  • Twitter users -1.5 Million (My personal estimation..)

Sources: CCK, internetworldstats.com, Facebook.com and Google plus data


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