Nokia releases the ‘X’ smartphone range.

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Nokia’s first android smartphone launch has been rumoured in the recent past expected to be launched at the mobile worked congress.

The giant company has been dropping hints about the new gadget and teases suggesting the upcoming phone should be called the X. The phone roll out comes after the sale of Nokia’s struggling mobile business to Microsoft late last year.

Well, the Android smartphone range is out and reported to have an interface that looks more like Windows and Android expected to feature Microsoft and Nokia services instead of Google’s. Nokia X, X1and XL are the new smartphone range Android as promised but not in the full ‘Droid’ in fact the software doesn’t look a thing like Android at all.

Nokia has instead created a hybrid mobile platform that runs on Google’s Android open source project and put it on the first of a family of crossover smart phones.

Windows phones have been the latest releases by the company but with the launch of Android, Nokia could be on the right truck in terms of today’s market. Samsung, Apple have been the dominating companies in the android world.

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