Microsoft resets windows phones to serve low end market.

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Giant software company,Microsoft will be turning to cheaper chip sets and easy restrictions on how phone makers use its software in a quest to drive down costs.

The changes have attracted a larger range of new hand set makers to build Windows phones; LG, Lenovo, India’s Xola and Karbonn, ZTE among others. Some of the Windows phone standards will also be eased despite Microsoft previously having a tight grip on hardware specifications, for example insisting on the three physical buttons, to create uniform Windows phone user experience.

Microsoft is definitely dedicated to opening up market for both ends. The Sub $100 smartphone market however is dominated by Google’s Android operating system, which has lower licencing costs.

The firm was however third in market share terms behind Apple which shipped 153.4 million smart phones.
The next major update of the software in coming months would allow it to support less expensive chip sets from its existing supplier, Qualcomm Inc.

Microsoft is including support for dual SIMcards, allowing users to switch phone tariffs to make cheaper local or international.

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