How to deactivate Safaricom premium services that could be eating up your credit

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Although Safaricom is the most preferred mobile phone service provider in the country, it is not short of complains especially on its Facebook Page. Perusing through the comments on Safaricom’s Facebook Page one meets irritated users complaining of lost credit, disappearing data bundles, not being able to win from any of the Safaricom promotions and accusations that Safaricom continue to enrich the very rich in total disregard of the poor Kenyans.

Those complaining about data bundles should check on the active Apps on their phones. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, and Skype consume a lot of data bundles at the background. I used to run out of 1.5GB data in under 5 days but since I restricted background data, my 1.5GB data can go for over 12 days. The latest data ran out after serving me for 10 days. So, find out how you can restrict background data for Apps that report high data usage even when you hardly use them.

On complains about not being able to win on any of the Safaricom’s promotions, people need to understand the laws of probability. With over 20 million Safaricom subscribers as likely participants on these promotions and hardly 100 winners per promotion, the probability of any individual subscriber winning is well close to zero. An event with a close to zero chance of happening, when it happens, is rightly called a miracle. That’s why the few who win are always ready to thank God for their win…maybe those who are yet to win need to pray more. Personally I gave up on participating on any of these promotions unless they are the likes of Fanikisha na M-Shwari in which I stand to lose nothing even if I don’t win – please never keep your hopes up whenever you play a game of chance.

I won’t comment on the accusations that Safaricom is enriching the rich in total disregard of the poor. Safaricom has a number of community based services under Safaricom Foundation that should be commended.

How to deactivate Safaricom premium services

Then there is the complain that Safaricom is a thief of credit. Here is one such accusation.

Safaricom! Am really annoyed with you. Of late when I credit my phone I just make one call or two of less than two minutes and the credit runs low. What game are you playing? Are you siphoning my credit. This has gone on for more than two weeks yet when I call your customer care am never answered. Whats up with you guys? ~ J Muthoni

Yes, credit on your Safaricom might disappear mysteriously and the culprit might just be the one or the many premium services your are subscribed to. There was this time I was traveling from Nairobi back to Nakuru and my neighbor in the mat asked me to help her unsubscribe to a premium service that had just sent her a text. The premium service deducted Shs 20 for every text message she received. When I got to her premium service list she had subscribed to 19 premium services, most of which deducting Shs 10 every now and then even without sending her any notifications. When I showed her the list of her services she was very surprised as she had not willingly subscribed to any of them.

It is probable that you too has a number of premium services you are subscribed to mostly without your knowledge. This is because the premium service providers have been randomly adding numbers to their database at will. If you are on Safaricom, follow the guide below to check whether you are subscribed to any premium service and how to unsubscribe from them. If you are on any other mobile network, kindly check with your service provider on the right procedure on how to unsubscribe.

For Safarcom subscribers, do the following:

  • Dial *100#
  • Select Premium Rate Services by replying with 7
  • On Welcome to Premium Services page, reply with 1 to get your subscriptions
  • From the list, reply with appropriate digit to either unsubscribe from a particular premium service or reply with the digit for unsubscribing from all services.

After you have unsubscribed from the premium services that might be eating up your credit, once in a while you need to be checking if some “credit thief” subscribed you to his/her premium service without seeking your consent…otherwise you might find yourself cursing Safaricom for no reason at all.

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