Will the biometric system promote accountability in Kenyan parliament?

The biometric system introduced in Kenya’s parliament this past week definitely in the best of motives by the party responsible is set to expose absentees in the house and have them suffer consequences of absenteeism that could go to the extent of one losing their seat.

Biometric kits have not had a very good reception in any setting that concerns the mwananchi not after the March election where the biometric system failed half way tallying. I commend our parliament on that note of upgrade and honouring jubilee’s digitalization mantra but how efficient is this system going to be considering individuals will still man these biometrics?

I like the possible consequence of a member of parliament losing their seat considering how most Members of parliament fail to represent Kenyans immediately they are voted in but who would step down once summoned due to multiple registers of absenteeism knowing the politicians for who they are? It is a great step from the usual manual signatures but again I think there are better systems that the government can invest in to track attendance.

I have to hold my patience though, let’s see how efficient this turns out and how much of a benefit this will be to the common mwananchi who hopes strict attendance monitoring will motivate the member of the house to air issues and participate in state-building motions.

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