Mobile is the future of everything.

There are more people with mobile phones than have access to running water. More mobile phone subscribers on the planet than use a toothbrush. Tomi Ahonen an ex-Nokia executive and best-selling technology and media author couldn’t put it better.

Mobile is definitely the future of everything under the sun starting from the simple need to know what time it is by use of a mobile phone. Mobile is the future of all payments; use of credit cards,  online service payment, mobile money transactions as well as mobile money payments.

Mobile affects anyone selling something today; if you own a restaurant, mobile is how people are deciding where to have dinner today and lunch tomorrow, people reserve storage units via mobile, you will book a dress online by depositing via mobile phone if there is something one can’t do using their mobile phone, they get frustrated and ready to leap to the first offering that comes along.

Lipa na M-Pesa  is the most domineering mobile-related service around town today, even the least which is payment of bus fare is done by use of mobile. Being the 7th mass media in the communication revolution, mobile has been the fastest growing medium compared to the rest that came a little bit earlier.

Mobile has had a grand convergence in day to day’s activities; Banking, credit, computer,internet, telecoms, broadcast, music , watch, mapping, insurance, socialmedia, gaming, advertisement and print have taken various percentages in human life overshadowing other massmedia mediums in one way or the other.

Personal, permanently connected, always carried, Built-in payment channel, available at creative impulse, Enables augmented reality, offers digital interface and  most accurate audience info are some of the characteristics that make mobile unbeatable.

Mobile is a media industry’s dream and is proving to be a need not a want by day.


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Winfred Kuria is a self-constituted web content writer in charge of Tech News and Events Publicity at She will communicate in the simplest way possible with an aim of changing the world one mind at a time.


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