The one critical advantage of Fanikisha Na M-Shwari

Since 6th February 2014, Safaricom and CBA have been running a promo for M-Shwari customers dubbed Fanikisha Na M-Swhari in a bid to grow the savings on M-Swhari. The promotion started at exactly mid-night of 6th Feb and will end at 11.59PM of 20th March 2014, so you still have a chance to participate.

There are mouth watering prices to be won including doubling one’s savings every day e.g. you save shs 50,000 today and the following morning you wake up to a cool shs 100,000. 100 lucky guys will have their savings doubled each day (Monday-Friday) for the six weeks the promo is running.

To win in Fanikisha Na M-Shwari, one needs to accumulate points according the table below:

Savings Points
1 250 5
251 500 10
501 1000 20
1001 2,500 30
2,501 5,000 40
5,000+ 50

As per the table above, the more savings you do, the higher your chances of winning. To increase your chances further, you are allowed to participate with as many lines as possible (three lines would be better – my take). Other prizes to be won include Kshs 100,000 available to 15 weekly winners, Kshs 1,000, 000 available to one weekly winner and a grand prize of Kshs 5 million at the grand draw to be held on 20th March 2014. Anyone who has M-PESA account is eligible to participate in the Fanikisha Na M-Shwari Promo as you would only need to activate your M-Shwari Account via M-PESA. The only guys who won’t be allowed to participate are those who have not paid back their M-Shwari loans after 60 days of borrowing.

Unique to Fanikisha Na M-Shwari Promo is the “no fee” participants pay to participate in the promotion. Remember promotions like Bonyeza Ushinde require participants to part with Kshs 5 per every SMS sent. That is, the prize money in Bonyeza Ushinde and other similar promotions come from participants’ contributions. However, M-Shwari Promo has one critical advantage in that the savings you make in M-Swhari are still yours 100% – thus participants don’t contribute to the prize money.

This type of promotion is the one that should be encouraged by Government as it is devoid of any gambling characteristics. You save and win, well and good. If you participate and fail to win you have nothing to worry about as all the monies saved in your M-Shwari Account are still yours. If it were Bonyeza Ushinde probably you could have lost a few thousand shillings by sending the many SMSes required to answer the daily questions.

Fanikisha Na M-Shwari Promo comes at a time when CBA has submitted about 140,000 names to Safaricom to prevent them from accessing further loans. CBA also reported that since the inception of M-Shwari, the savings on M-Swari have reached Kshs 24 billion. In addition to increasing savings on M-Shwari, the Fanikisha Na M-Shwari promo by Safaricom and CBA also targets to increase the number of customers on the platform.


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