For the sake of security, go extra with passwords.

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Passwords are the first line of defense against cyber criminals. It’s definitely crucial for an individual to pick strong passwords that are different for each account and update them as well.

However, very few people care about their account passwords and regular changes supposed to be made hence always looking for the easiest way out not considering exposure of fragile documents to possible hackers.

There has been a string of worst passwords very easy to hack and get through documents leaving individuals whining about service offered.

123456; this is one of the laziest passwords applied across the universe for any given account. As easy as abc there is need to stay conscious on how prone to insecurity your account is.

Password; unless question was not well understood, it comes out as the funniest way to secure an account.

Qwerty; exactly how it is on the keyboard? I still don’t understand why we would choose not to put a little more of effort for the sake of security.

111111; again numbers only is not advised for a password set up, it is very easy to crack that save the pros.

abc123; since it is advised a password should compromise of letters and numbers, some of us find this easy to remember but still very cliché to consider it security.

It is very important to go for strong passwords to keep away from hackers and crackers by following a few guidelines;

Do not choose a password based on personal data like name, username or information that anyone could easily discover.

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Do not choose passwords less than 8 instead use letters of different cases, mixtures like symbols or non-alphanumeric characters.the longer the password the harder it is for someone to guess.

Avoid writing passwords on pads a stranger could easily land on or otherwise scrap the piece of paper with the password.

A few simple rules will go a long way not forgetting to regularly change the passwords.

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