‘Smart Jacket’ for Motorcyclists

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Kenyan roads have in the recent past experienced carnages that have taken away a tangible number of deaths, leading to a decision by the government to bun night travel.

The ‘boda boda’ sector termed a chaotic transport system by many has been identified as a feature highly responsible for many road accidents due to inadequate regulations.

Thanks to Joseph Muchene 27, and Charles Much ene founders of Cladlight for innovating wireless wearable technology for safer transportation.

The ‘Smart jacket’ for motorcycle riders expected to be out in the public market by March will upgrade the ‘boda boda’ sector and also provide safety.

With an inbuilt modified reflector, the jackets are equipped with light-emitting diode indicators that will provide alerts to fellow motorists on directions about take and when they brake as well.

The indicators also have an independent source of power that are controlled wirelessly and integrated into the motorcycle’s indication system with corresponding LED bars on the back of the jacket that light up, the cyclist will be in a position to indicate unlike the usual hand use that risks the motorist’s stability.

Motorcyclists couldn’t ask for a better option. Head gears being the only road safety gadgets could only do so little. Seems digitalization will finally penetrate every sector.

“We decided to develop a solution towards providing better road safety particularly for boda bod as because of the high number of accidents that are related to this mode of transport.

With an amount of 3500, safety could only be very cheap. The startup located at Nailab where they get support in terms of funding, legal advice, office space and training is looking to patner with transport industry stakeholders to increase adoption of the innovation.

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