Zack Mukewa Joins Nailab Incubation Team

It is the year of makeover and Nailab has not be left out.  Under the new direction, Nailab’s main aim is to raise the profile of the entrepreneurs under its wings, beyond the Kenyan borders.

“The incubator focuses to not only grow entrepreneurs that have solutions that will impact the local market, but those that will also hugely have a global impact and clearly map Kenya as a lead tech innovation hub in Africa”

Yes, that is the message and in the process Zack Mukewa has joined the team tasked with the duty to help the entrepreneurs make it big.  Zack Mukewa will be the Incubation and business development manager. Among others Zack will be at hand to assist all entrepreneurs within the program enhance their product capabilities and link them with the necessary go to market partners.

In the past few months questions have been asked to whether the incubation labs are doing enough to help the entrepreneurs get the much needed funding for their businesses to grow. I am happy to hear that, part of Zack’s duties at Nailab would be to connect the start-ups with the investors and also help them understand the money aspect of the business.

It is almost four years now since Nailab was launched back in 2011.  And the Nailab team believes it is now time to do bigger things. In the next few months the incubator would seek to expand its reach by targeting more entrepreneurs from other urban centers within different counties to enable the country have equal opportunity growth in the IT sector.

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