Samsung goes Apple as Apple goes Samsung

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  • Posted: January 24, 2014 at 3:13 pm

What is the difference between Apple and Samsung? Specifically, what is the difference between iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices? There are at least two differences for sure; One, Apple’s iPhones are metallic whereas Samsung’s Galaxy phones are plastic. This has made iPhones about 30% more expensive than a comparable Samsung’s flagship phone over the years – not forgetting the 60% profit margin Apple charges on their gadgets. Samsung’s profit margins is about 30%.

The second difference is the phone size. Samsung is the pioneer and king of big sized screens. When Samsung released the first Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3 that feature 5.3″ and 4.8″ screen sizes respectively, Apple ridiculed the Samsung phones saying that a phone should foremost feel comfortable when held and should be easy to use with one hand. But the market disproved Apple’s ridicules against Samsung.

Then Apple (iSheep to be precise) started pointing fingers at Samsung’s plastic casing terming them cheap and low class. There hasn’t been so much that Samsung fanatics have said or done against accusations that their phones are cheaply made and befit low class status. Attempts to point at the phone’s functionalities and enhanced features have not helped Samsung and her followers much.

So this year Apple has decided to copy Samsung on screen sizes. Rumors are that this year’s flagship phones from Apple will feature 4.5″ and 5″ in screen sizes up from 4″ in iPhone 5s. Previously Apple has been known to love small screens of about 3.5″. This means Apple has been forced to swallow a humble pie and opt for screen sizes they previously ridiculed.

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It isn’t the first time that Apple is being forced to bow her head down. In November 2012 Apple unveiled an iPad that is close the size of a phablet. Although Apple had said that tablets with smaller than 9″ screen sizes were useless and ridiculous, they had to give in to market demand and released a 7.9″ iPad they called iPad Mini that was amazingly successful. Since then Apple has released the iPad Mini 2 which has same screen size as iPad Mini.

That’s about Apple, what of Samsung? Rumors are that by end February 2014 Samsung will release its flagship device of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S5. In addition to having security features such as iris scanner, the phone is expected to come in two varieties; the cheap low class plastic version that will retail at the usual pricing levels and the premium version that will come in metallic casing to cost at a price range of about $1000 a piece, about $200 higher than the contract free but expensive premium iPhones.

These attempts by Samsung to be like Apple and Apple to be like Samsung means the never ending fights between iSheep and Samsung fanatics will lessen and hopefully we’ll have a safer world to live in in 2014.

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