Was Kiss TV stealing DStv’s content?

Many men I included detest being reminded of out of stock kitchen items e.g. we don’t like the announcement “hakuna chumvi” or “mafuta taa imeisha”. I get irked whenever I’m told that the gas has run out more so because the gas always runs out when my pockets are worn out.

Similarly the “Press Menu then 4” message from DStv is abhorred by me. Every time I see that message on screen I immediately find the DStv remote not to read the message but to delete it ASAP. If the message appears on a restaurant’s screen I get restless for not being able to delete it. Most times I find myself changing seats so that I can keep my eyes off the screen.

So you can imagine the torture I went through last night while watching Kiss TV. For some reason Kiss TV decided to run the DStv’s bill payment reminder message throughout the time I was enjoying the latest RnB hits they were playing. Even after running away from DStv (read: DStv has no value for money) thanks to the bill alert message that kept on appearing on screen, my safe haven decided to torment me with the same demon I had ran away from.

The point is, how come Kiss TV was running a bill payment reminder from DStv? Do they broadcast DStvs content by focusing cameras on a screen tuned to a DStv’s channel? The songs that were playing on Kiss TV at the time the picture above was taken were the very songs that play on Trace Urban in the same very order Trace Urban likes playing them. My wife commented that possibly Kiss TV was “stealing” DStv’s content.

But Kiss TV also broadcast via DStv so “stealing” is out of the question. Stealing is out of the question given a second fact that even when the hosts were talking to the viewers, the same “Press Menu then 4” irritating message was still displaying on screen. What’s the obsession with Kiss and the DStv’s annoying alert message?


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