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New Year has come in with some strange decisions by the Government especially that one of outlawing the cash transaction on public transport starting July 1st 2014. Cashless transaction is awesome and we fully support the move towards that direction but we believe that the speed and timing of that should be left to the market forces. Reading through different blogs and online newspapers I realized that there only two companies being mentioned as ready to take advantage of the latest move by the Government. The two are Safaricom LipaNaMpesa and Google/Equity Bank Bebapay.  There are others and today I want to take a look at Nation Hela and what it offers as a payment option

I have been using NationHela for  a few months now after discovering that it is not just about sending money from Diaspora and vice versa. NationHela is a simple and convenient method of paying for goods and services. Unfortunately, Nation Media has positioned it as money transfer system competing with the likes of Western Union in the international stage and Mpesa in the local scene. To some extent I do understand why they have done that especially if you look at the remittances by the good Kenyans in the Diaspora. Diaspora remittances is huge but I have a feeling that the other function of NationHela could be the real deal.

At the moment consumers can use NationHela card at the Visa Merchant outlets such as Supermarkets, restaurants, salons, petrol stations. That is a good start but I would like to see Nation signing up more shops and encouraging SMEs adopt the cards. To use the card Visa Merchants is easy. Simply present the NationHela card at the cashier’s till. The cashier does the basic work of swiping the card and present the shopper with sales slip to sign

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It is also possible to pay utility bills…yes things like water and electricity. The best way for this is through mobile phone using NationHela account. On the phone simply dial *348#, select Bill payment and the company to pay. The next step is to provide the customer account and the amount to be sent. Confirmation sms is sent to the customer’s phone and mark the end of the process.

The other point where NationHela comes in handy is the online Payment. NationHela provides consumers with simple solution for paying for goods and services through the internet. To use the card online, one needs to activate it for online use through the customer care portal

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