Orange launched iPhone 5c and 5s in Kenya

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While you all were wishing each other happy new year, Orange did it by launching the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in Kenya. The two versions of the iPhone will be available starting at KSh 72,599 for the 16 GB model and KSh 81,899 for the 32 GB model of the 5c and at KSh 85,699 for the 16 GB model and KSh98,699 for the 32 GB model of the 5s.

According to Orange Kenya CEO, Mickael Ghossein.

“The launch of these two smart devices is consistent with the company’s brand promise of providing innovative products, services and solutions that are relevant to our market segments and add to the value proposition to our customers

Orange is focused on delivering value for the discerning smart phone user, enabling ease of access to their social and office lives wherever they are. The Apple iPhone range continues to offer excellent variety and versatility that enables customers to embrace the advantages and opportunities offered by an increasingly evolving digital world,”


With an increased uptake of smart phones in the country, the iPhone 5c and 5s add style and convenience to the variety of smart phones Orange has to offer to customers on its network. These new devices, coupled with our competitive tariffs, reliable data speeds and voice call quality, are today, an unmatched proposition in the Kenyan market

So there you are, iPhone 5c is not cheap as many thought it would be.


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