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  • Posted: December 22, 2013 at 3:39 pm

Smartphone makers have for years thought that phones do not properly provide the functions of a watch. They have since developed a number of phones in the shape of watches (Sony, LG) but consumers shunned these. Then came guys like Pebble who made watches that were not actually phones but phone companions to provide notifications in addition to the standard time functionality.

Then Samsung joined the frenzy and came up with the Galaxy Gear. Thanks to it being tied to Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Gear has received acceptance than the predecessors. The problem with Galaxy Gear is that it is tied to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so if you have other Samsung phones you won’t enjoy the lifestyle that has been brought along by the Gear.

Samsung has started releasing updates to the Gear that will ensure that it becomes a Samsung Universal device. The update will mean that the Gear can be used across various Samsung Devices including the Samsung Galaxy S2 and newer, the Galaxy Note devices like Galaxy Note 10.1 or even Galaxy Note 1 and 2 phablets, and the Samsung Tabs e.g. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

But again the Gear will only be available for Samsung devices. The best they can do if at all is to make it compatible across a variety of Android smartphones and tablets. What if we had a true universal smartwatch that could be used across every single smartphone out there?

LinQ Watch, a product by a Chinese firm APA in conjunction with a Kenyan startup C-LinQ Limited promises to just that. The smartwatch has been developed to support phones running all Android Operating Systems, All iOS platforms and Windows Phone 8 Devices.

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LinQ watch provides functions like SMS and call notifications, Social Media Notifications (Facebook and Twitter), Email notifications, ability to receive and make calls, and a simpler, lighter and generally intuitive user Interface.

The LinQ watch is available in Europe and Asia and Mozambique in Africa as U-watch. It is due to be launched in Kenya by January or February next year but for those who want to have it for Xmas or new year’s gift you may contact us directly as we can assist in arranging for a faster delivery directly to your door step.

The watch features a 1″ inch screen that fits very well on your wrist. Weighing only 44g (compared to Galaxy Gear’s 74g), the watch feels like a feather hence no discomfort at all.

The other advantage of the LinQ Watch is that it connects to your smartphone via blue tooth so you won’t have to worry about configurations. This also helps a lot in saving the watch’s and phone’s battery active time. If you want, you can also have your own custom made strap (handle) according to your taste at your convenience.

The retail price of LinQ watch is Kshs 15,000 inclusive of shipment cost and VAT. For purchase and other enquiries contact us via [email protected]

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