The confusing Samsung galaxy call log arrows

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  • Posted: December 21, 2013 at 11:20 am

There are those little things that get the best of me. One such thing is a twisted bag’s handle or a twisted seat belt. I like them straightened. The problem comes when I cannot straighten them up either because someone sew the handle in a permanently twisted position or the seat belt cannot be adjusted.

Every person has a thing or two that get the best of them whenever those are out of order. Probably it is a poorly arranged table, or imperfectly placed lid…or just anything. Added to my list is the Samsung galaxy call log arrows that are meant to indicate whether a call or a message was sent out (outgoing) or received (incoming).

The arrows always precede the contact or the contact name at the edge of the screen. As such, an arrow pointing towards the contact convey information that the particular call or text was incoming; and if the arrow is pointing away from the contact to the direction outside the call, the arrow convey that the call or message was outgoing. But no, Samsung Galaxy arrows convey exactly the opposite information.

As shown the image below, the arrow pointing towards Dan Banderet should indicate that the call was an incoming one but sadly no, it means it was an outgoing one. The green arrow below it should likewise convey info that the call was an outgoing one but in the case of Samsung Galaxy S2 used it means it was an incoming call.

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

Image by TechRadar

I have had Galaxy devices since 2011 but I have never managed to come in sync with the discrepancies in the arrow directions vis a vis information they ought to convey. It is not once or twice that I have interpreted the red/orange arrows to mean that those calls or messages were incoming and likewise get confused that the incoming calls indicated by the green arrows were outgoing…I get confused daily.

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Dear Samsung, is it possible to release a patch that rectifies the arrow info? An arrow pointing away from the phone ought to mean that the call is going away from the phone hence outgoing whereas an arrow pointing inside the phone should mean that the call is from outside to the phone hence an incoming phone. Just interchange the arrow directions and I’ll be cool.

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